Escape Plan Day 3 – Still on Day 1

Since my study of cars didn't go over well I don't really think it should count. DO OVER! So lets do something fun, like make a FireFox Extension. (Yes, I am a geek!)

I proudly present Parent Folder 1.5. This extension provides you with a button and a menu item to view the parent folder of the page you are viewing. It's good for if you visit a page that has the following style of URL: site/somewhere/whereever/why/is/that/so/long. With just a click you are viewing site/somewhere/whereever/why/is/that/so/. It's for when you are viewing images. It's not something that I use a lot but it's nice to have and I'd rather one button then the whole Google Toolbar.

P.S. The link doesn't work yet because the extension is still being reviewed. Let me know if you want it.


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  1. destroyah said

    so how is your escape plan going now?

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